Friday, October 5, 2007

Sunday, July 15, 2007


[July, 5th]

I played baseball. I had many homeruns! Someone cried. I didn't cry. I ran fast because I exercised. My Mom cheered. Go JungWoo ! My team won !

[July, 8th]

I went to the NamSun Ice rink. Somebody fell down. I almost fell down. I am a good ice skater because I learned hockey in America. There are many people in the ice rink. It was very fun!

[July, 9th]

I went to the playground and I met my friend so I played with my friend. My friend and I caught many ants. I caught 9 ants and my friend caught 1 ant because he just looked at the many ants. But I didn't see the ant. I used my shovel.

[July, 20th] I....
I drew a monster.
I like monsters.
I like to play with my monster.
I looked at my monster.
I always looked at the monsters.
I like my monster the best.
I like monster books.
I know lots of monsters.
I have monster books.
[July, 27th]
I went to the beach with my aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, my Dad, my Mom and my cousins. I played with my cousins. I rode my tube in the water. My uncle pushed me. It was fun !

Friday, June 15, 2007


[June, 3rd]

I saw waterfall and fish in the mountain. We walked over the bridge. I met birds, bugs, fishes, butterfly, people, trees, squrrels, and caterpillars. The caterpillar crawled on my daddy's shoulder. My daddy joked at me. I had a great time.

[June, 5th]

I was sick because on Saturday, it was cool at the park. I ate ice cream and it was yummy. My two teeth are moving. Today, I had a fever.

[June, 10th]

I went to the mountain with my Grandma and Grandpa. I went to the top of the mountain. My dad took a picture. We ate lunch. I hurt my knee. I had a great time.

[June, 13th]

I ate rice with my Mom. It was yummy. My Mom said "This is yummy". I ate a port cutlet. I stayed in my house. I drank orange juice. It was yummy. After I ate food, I watched TV in my house.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

May's Celebrations

There are many celebration days in May. The first one is Children's day, 5th of May. Every children have a holiday and get some presents from his parents or grandparents. JungWoo got a book from his Daddy and Power Ranger's uniform from his Grandma. He was very happy to get Power Ranger's cloth. The second one is Parent's day, 8th of May. Every children prepare the carnation(which means thanks to their parents) flowers. JungWoo made a celebration card for his parents. Also, JungWoo's Dad and Mom prepare some presents for their parents. The last one is Teacher's day, 15th of May.
Last weekend, JungWoo's family went to JungWoo's mother side grandma's house. All cousins came to have a dinner. It was very fun.

[JW's diary, May 6th, 2007]
I went to Daejeon with my Grandma. My Grandma came to my house. My Grandma ate dinner in my house. It was fun because I played.

[JW's diary, May 12th, 2007]

I went to the movie theater. I watch Spiderman 3. It was fun. And if was funny because the black Spiderman is different.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

JW's April's Diary

[JW's diary, April 2nd, 2007]

My package came to my house. I played hide-and-seek. It was very fun. There were 112 boxes. I had a Spiderman bag. Thomas trains, board games, a gumball machine, a sword, books, a bug vacuum, a lamp, cords, Legos and a car.

[JW's diary, April 6th, 2007]
I broke the board with my hand. I did a great job. Everybody clapped and cheered. There were many people.

[JW's diary, April 8th, 2007]

I went to the mountains. My Dad wore a Texas A&M shirt and blue jeans. I saw a butterfly, yellow flowers and pink flowers.

[JW's diary, April 19th, 2007]

I went a picnic. It was fun. I played London bridge game with Kahlen teacher and John teacher, I went to the museum. I saw stumps, bear, tiger, birds and trees.

[JW's diary, April 24th, 2007]

My mom came to Poly. She looked at how I did. Everyone's Moms came to Poly. I learned energy, power, electricity, current. It was fun because I get one sticker.

[JW's diary, April 29th, 2007]

I went on a picnic. It was fun because I built a house with my cousin. I built it with pine needles. I met my Grandmas,Grandpas,aunts and uncles. My family arrived home late. I was sleepy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


There is a beautiful park next to JungWoo's house. There is a track for the people's exercise. JungWoo enjoy riding a bicycle in the park. Actually, the park is a part of museum, "Prehistoric museum". Prehistoric people lived before there.